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Climbing is hard enough already.  Breathing shouldn't be.


About US Air Cleaners

No gimmicks. Just clean air

The market is flooded with products and various gimmicks. Some work better than others and some not at all. 

We don't offer bi-polar ionization, photocatalytic oxidation (PCO), or any other electronic air cleaners. Remember ozone generators? Their claims of killing everything in the air were correct; they even killed your lung cells. 

We sell a quiet, energy efficient, easy to install fan box with the world's best particulate and molecular filtration. That's it. 


Improve your air quality today

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"Definitely reduces the cannabis odors from the drying space… it’s funny because when the smell is intense then “it’s a problem”… it’s no longer intense… It works great during trimming. We don’t need to wear a respirators anymore!"

Andy S.

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CamCleaner Horizontal


CamCleaner Vertical

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CityM CamCleaner

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